7 Ways to Improve Community Engagement on Your Website

7 Ways to Improve Community Engagement on Your Website

Do you want more engagement in your website? Are you looking for ways to bring more traffic to your website and more interaction on the page for a better conversation? Regardless of what size your business or matter is, you need to work upon the social engagement in order to get back better sales and reach.

Use Facebook to Highlight Employees

It is always best to highlight the people in your companies who work hard on the Facebook platform. Showcase your official achievements- small or big. One of the best apps that get the job done is SEOmoz. It uses photo albums to highlight the employees of the company.

There are so many things you can showcase about your brand, business, employees on the Facebook Page. All you need to do is take some snaps of the insides of the office, the employees and bring more engagement to your platform.

Try to Get a Little Personal on Twitter

You can get a little personal on your Twitter. Share some sneak peeks of your office or share videos via Vsnap for about 60 seconds long. Send a personal message to your followers on Twitter that is also shareable to improve the engagement on your website. You may even answer a question that is lingering online related to your brand or business or thanks someone for sharing your content. Remember, you must be a part of the conversation if you want to increase the engagement on your website.

Use Google+ Community, Circles, and Hangouts

Google+ features are one of the most underutilized tools. This platform has a great ability to share content in circles that are useful. Your company can even become the resource that people choose to learn about something related to your niche. Once you share it in the circles you can share that blog or link on Twitter. By doing so, you will be building a network of people interested in your content.

Create and Indulge in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Pages are allowed to have the groups on their page in order to add more and more people. Much like the Google communities, these groups are another way to keep the conversation going and keep people interested in your company. It helps you increase the visibility of the company.

Use Pinterest to Invite Users on Your Pinterest Page

Your Pinterest board does not have to be limited to the company pins, instead, you can add a little personal touch to it by collaborating with some other users. Make your Pinterest page interesting. Invite several users to pin on your boards and follow them at least to have a symbiotic relationship. This is just another social media platform that can help you interact with many people at a time. You can add or remove pins you do not like. But, do not worry, the users you invite won’t be able to make some hefty changes on your platform.

Don’t Forget to Engage in Foursquare

Foursquare is a platform where the users are offered tips on different aspects. Similarly, you can leave some tips about your industry or maybe even an inside joke. This way you can have authority over your industry. Include more insightful tips and tricks for the users to indulge in and share. This will entice them further to learn about your brand.

Get Creative With Your Hashtags on Instagram

Creative hashtags are really popular these days, so you need one for your business too. A good infographic and a good hashtag help in standing out from the competitors and be more personal on that platform. Instagram is the trending platform right now to market or advertises your business. So, create a hashtag that will be trendy, viral, and will entice more people to share them.

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