What is Email Marketing? Does Email Marketing Still Work in 2020?

What is Email Marketing? Does Email Marketing Still Work in 2020?

Though we have seen a rise in social media platform marketing techniques, email marketing has been entirely abandoned by some digital marketers and business owners. Most business owners may believe email marketing is an outdated strategy and does not favour digital marketing strategies.

What is Email Marketing?

One of the effective digital marketing tools that help in attracting more customers by sending out emails to the prospects. Email Marketing is a method of sending out emails to clients about new discounts, new products, and various other services. It helps in growing brand credibility, and the visitors and customers build trust in the brand.

Some believe that email marketing is not useful these days. But, a study has shown that it is still helpful in the year 2020. Here are some reasons why email marketing is always sufficient for businesses in 2020.

Email Marketing is Strictly Targeted

When we advertisement on platforms like social media, televisions or radios, or newspapers, we are unaware of the people it is reaching out to. Thus, we will surely be unable to figure out what number of clients it will generate? Will it bring us any revenue or profit? But, when we advertise via emails, we know the number of clients we are reaching out to. Thus, we have a fair idea about our prospects and conversions. It is you who chooses to advertise to a certain number of clients as per your choice. Make sure to include content and graphics that interest the users and readers.

Email Marketing Enhances Brand Recognition

The most important thing for a brand is to be recognized well by different people. People are not always ready to buy your products, but you can remind them about your business with the help of email marketing. Via email, marketing can remind their existing customers of their existence and inform them about new products, services, or further discounts. It enhances in showcasing the brand most subtly. Moreover, sending out targeted emails helps in staying at the top in the minds of the audience. And, perhaps, they are more likely to choose your business.

Email Marketing is Measurable

The best part is that we can measure these digital marketing techniques. We can analyze and evaluate the open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and much more with email marketing campaigns. All these metrics together offer an analysis to respond as per the customers’ behaviour and response. Thus, evaluation of your success is easy and hassle-free. With every review, you can identify what marketing strategy to adopt next for better performance.

Email Marketing is Cost-Effective

Often, it is thought that digital marketing techniques are costly. But, if you consider email marketing, it is cost-effective. Some platforms provide you with sending emails to 1000 subscribers free of costs, and some paid campaigns can come to use if you have a more massive subscriber list. The business also saves a lot in printing for newspapers, advertisements on television, or other methods. An average email marketing campaign shows that each dollar spent on it brings about a 40 dollar revenue to the business. So, does not that sound enough to you?


2020 is still the year when email marketing is effective. You can make your marketing strategy work by including personalized messages for your customers, optimizing it well for all kinds of devices (because you never know what kind of gadgets do your clients use), make your emails shareable ( not only via emails but also through other social media platforms), remember to include visual elements ( to attract the customers), and write a catchy subject line to have a higher open rate.

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