2020, SEO Trends You Can’t Ignore for Your Website Ranking

2020, SEO Trends You Can’t Ignore for Your Website Ranking

Google keeps on changing its algorithm to preserve the originality and best for its users. But still, there are various tips that always work because google never ignores real efforts. Therefore this article consists of the best tips that work in 2020.

1. On-Page Optimization Strategies
  • Keyword mining and keyword research are two essential aspects of SEO. Choosing the right keywords and topics, and implementing them in appropriate places on the website.
  • Employing title tags, header tags, image alt tags, and the meta description tag accurately.
  • Generating a URL structure that is optimized for users and search engines.
  • Establishing an internal link arrangement, navigation through various pages, and information architecture that helps the search engines to crawl the website effectively and efficiently and also resonates with user’s expectations.
  • Developing appropriate content that can be used to earn inbound links during off-page optimization strategies
  • Using a different type of content like images, videos, lists, and text as per requirement.
  • A responsive and mobile-friendly website is the topmost requirement of 2020. As the major chunk of the customer is coming through various mobile devices.
  • Designing a website that is visually attractive, convey your message and services, build your brand, and has a consistent look and feel
2. Off-Page Techniques Include
  • Examining your competitor and make competition analysis to better understand what strategies they are using to rank on the search engines.
  • Exercise keyword-rich anchor text in website inbound links
  • Earning inbound links from websites that are recognized as authoritative by the search engines.
  • Do the deep linking by linking the internal pages of your site, rather than creating links only to the homepage of the blog.
  • Quality vs Quantity of the Content.
  • This year Google shifted the search engine’s attentiveness towards the quality of content. One thing google always says, write for user/customer, not for google. When you validate this, you automatically run in the right direction.

Surely, the amount of content you produce is still essential. But one of the most essential SEO techniques in 2020 is producing quality content more than ever before. Though backlinks remain powerful, Google is getting more sophisticated when it comes to determining how good your website content is. This year, website owners should place special attention to on-page SEO also. This Implies, writing long-form content and not deceiving customers and search engines. This year refined crawlers are paying special attention to user-friendly URLs, optimizing images, and internal structure and internal linking structure.

3. Conceptualize the Content

Content is King we have heard this many times and this is the utmost truth. SEO is not very easy. SEO is not only creating quality content, link building, on-page optimization, or every other thing that is revolving around. There are many methods to develop and advertise content. It is not limited to the blog form only. While blogging might have been one of the common ways to get notified on Google, but there is a lot more going to disrupt in 2020. Below are a few methods can be used to create various kind of contents:

  • A product page
  • An authoritative guide
  • Step to Step Tutorials
  • An infographic
  • A video
4. Influencer Marketing

It is always important to have someone recommendations for your services and whatever business you are in. Adding an influencer into your marketing campaign will bring positive results to your business and will help you acquire a credible and authoritative name.

The first step is to, try looking out for influencers on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. almost everyone is using the platform. Influencers are in contact with customers at ground level so when they recommend some business and services it hits the customer at the right place and motivates them to buy.