5 Ways To Get Your e-Commerce Website Ready For The Holidays

5 Ways To Get Your Ecommerce Website Ready For The Holidays

Festive season is approaching and Christmas is just a few days ahead. Most of you must have started planning and preparing for the holiday season but what about your online season. Is your business website ready for the brief rush of customers? Its often believed that the holiday season is the best time for the online profits as people prefer shopping for their needs before the vacation approaches.

As e-Commerce sales are expected to grow in the last month of the year, it’s your responsibility to remain in sync with your target audience. If you are not sure from where to start or not, get assistance of digital marketers or professional web designers who can assist you in designing an impressive strategy for attracting more visitors.

Some of the ways to make your business ready for the holidays are:

Freshen Up Your Website With Holiday Design

One of the most crucial thing you should focus upon is to give your website a makeover with the Christmas design or images which will make your customers believe you are more concerned about your business. Adding the Santa images and snow showering snowflake GIF’s. Create a special icon named festive collection, discounts or something similar. If yours is a seasonal business, you can try giving out accessories on sale for holiday décor.

Create A Social & Festive Calendar

You can consider installing a calendar with festive looks that will should a countdown about the sales that you are going to offer or can even show the days left for the Christmas and New Year. This will help in engaging more audience and will act as an effective holiday marketing plan. The more content, products or offers you’ll post, more increased will be the count of customers.

Run Pre-Holiday & Holiday Sales

Start planning for the holiday at least two months prior. Redesign your business website for holiday looks with the assistance of a talented graphic designer. Offer your first sale on the Thanksgiving day and carry on with additional sales every weekend. The percentage of discount you want to offer depends totally on your personal wish but its better to give a little more than what your competitors are offering. You can even run a “buy one get one free” sale or can offer 50% off on all products along with free shipping to attract visitors.

Promote Your Business & Offers

Promotion or advertising is important to let your customers know who you are and what you do. Since there is a great competition in the online market, it is crucial to generate a positive web presence. With your sales schedule in order, you can prefer designing a promotional strategy so that more and more customers can reach you on the web. This can be done with direct and indirect advertising which includes landing pages, paid advertising, Facebook advertising, Email marketing, banners, flyers, blogs and the website itself.

Prepare For The Festival Day Rush

After the advertising and promotions are done, there are chances or hope that your online business will get the significant amount of traffic you were expecting. All you should focus upon is to fnd the way to deal with the web traffic. To prevent disappointing your loyal and long-term customers, make sure your product inventory should be stocked up with quality products from the best-selling brands. Don’t forget to make the prior arrangements for packaging and delivering of orders carefully.

These are the few ways to get your e-Commerce website ready for the festive season preparations. If you are looking to get your online shop redesigned for celebration looks, feel free to consult our web designers at Path Interactive.