A Complete Guide For SEO Keywords

Keyword research plays a vital role in both SEO and content optimization. If you want your web pages, email marketing and content marketing efforts to be effective, then you should understand the use of right keywords.

Here, you will get vast information from beginning to end about keywords. Using this info, you will be able to search the right keyword which improves your SEO efforts and boost your business productivity.


Keywords are the words or phrases that find what online visitors are searching for.

Keywords Research

Keyword research is a practice of identifying the words or phrases that people enter in Google or search engines to reach relevant details.

Why Keyword Research?

Keyword research is useful to explore the customer’s mind by finding the topics. These topics are then included in your content to target the audience following their interests.

Keyword Types

There are three types of keywords as given below:

  • Head Keywords are 1 to 2 words with higher search volume
  • Body Keywords are 2 to 3 words or phrases that contain good search volume
  • Long Tail Keywords are 4 to 5 words or phrases with low search volume

Understanding Keywords Intent

To make excellent use of keywords for marketing your brand or blog, you must understand what the intent of utilizing these words. The different methods of describing keywords intent are:

  • Navigational: When users search for a specific website.
  • Informational: When users search for the answer to a particular question.
  • Investigational: When the visitors look for the information that may lead to converting.
  • Transactional: When visitor search to buy.

Ready For Keywords Research?

Google Analytics & Google Search Console are the two best places to find which keywords can generate more business. Apart from this, there are several other keyword research tools such as:

  • Ahrefs is claimed to be a complete suit for keyword research and tools related content and SEO. You can take the trial of this tool for one month or get the premium to access the advanced features.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner enables you to evaluate local and global search volumes for keywords and analyze the competition level as well as know the estimated cost per click.
  • SEMrush provides keyword data and helps to find the keywords related to main search terms. You can opt for the free keyword search on this tool although its premium gives you a lot of useful features.
  • SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool lets you know the search volume’s relevant terms, expected cost and more.

Where To Use Keywords?

  • Page Title: Use the keywords in the SEO title and should be a clickable link.
  • Meta Description: It will be good to use the keyword in your meta description of 160 characters.
  • Links & Social Media Updates: Use of the keyword in social media can help people refine their searches such as appropriate hashtag, etc.

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