Are Simple & Clean Web Designs Ruling The World?

Clean Web Designs Ruling The World?

‘Less’ not always synonyms with boring or unattractive. In this digital era, less is more as more and more designers are turning to simple and easy to understand web designs. If you are a small business that just wants to sell the services, then heavy website with too much graphics, content and media is not meant for you. A website that is clutter-free, simple and could engage the visitors is all that can boost your business and profit.

Simple Web Design: Advantages

The foremost advantage of a clean and crisp web design is that it provides a lot of white space that offer peace of mind to the visitors and make them more receptive. Also, white space allows the content of the website to stand out without the need of gaudy-colored font. White space along with a few attractive images are the things that can create engaging and beautiful websites.

A ‘busy’ website is too hard for the people to understand and also creates a lot of confusion. If your visitor couldn’t find the relevant information soon, they will get annoyed and leave the site. Rather than making your visitors search for the information, you need to make sure that everything is clear and visible in the site.

Visitors always prefer those websites that load in minimal possible time. A website should be able to load within 4 to 5 seconds. If your website takes too much time, then remove unnecessary media and content to make it load faster.

Simple Websites are Ruling the Web

A clean and clutter free website is great for branding. Since, the site will be simple, you should spend considerable amount of time on the logo and establishing credibility of your brand. A clean website with a complicated logo can turn out to be the greatest mistake. Consider the world’s leading brands and their logos, Nike and Orange for example. Both logos are simple, but yet powerful.

Efficiency is Key

Sometimes a complicated website can cost you more down the line. Simply put, a simple website is great for a small business or startup. Consider the minimalist approach and determine which would best fit your business needs and expectations.

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