How to avoid Google penalties and secure your website’s ranking

How to avoid Google penalties and secure your website's ranking

As you know the Google has four algorithms including Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and Hummingbird. Google, the most popular search engine, every year introduces new algorithms. As a result, many websites get penalized from any one of these algorithms. They are penalized and experience change in rankings.

You can avoid penalty of Google’s algorithm by hiring an SEO company. Every SEO company uses different types of optimizing services like white hat, black hat, grey hat. The safest way of search engine optimization is white SEO through organic methods. Black hat is an illegal and grey hat is a kind of line between white hat and black hat search engine optimization. You can prevent Google penalty by adopting white hat SEO solutions such as those mentioned below.

Avoid excessive guest posting:

It is just like a spam practice. If you are doing a lot of guest posting on your site, stop it. It may have been a good option in the past days but at present it may be hanging you in the list of bad companies. A little bit guest posting is fine but a lot is not good for your business or website. Obtaining to may guest posting on your site, is the clear sign that your site go down very soon.

Build your own brand signals:

It is very crucial to get success in online realm. It is not true that only big brands tend to rank better. Small and medium brands can also get the best rank place on Google. To do this, you need to build your own brand through organic online methods. Don’t try to copy any other brand blindly. If you try to do this, Google algorithm penalizes you while crawling and put your site into its spam category.

Make new quality new pages:

Pages of your site are vital for your website. Because this is one and only way to provide unique information to your users about your services or company. New pages with relevant information help to get more visitors and it also protects your site from Google penalty.

High quality content:

As you know content is king. It means if you have duplicate, thin, irrelevant content on your site, Google definitely hits your site. Use keyword in your content sparingly and organically. Avoid keyword stuffing and copied content from other sources. Once Google hit your site because of duplicate content, your website will take too much time to recover.

Don’t buy links:

As you know link building is the greatest way to get higher ranking on search engine page. But sometimes it may be harmful for your site. Generally, SEO takes the help of white hat and grey hat techniques. If the search engine optimization company get the help of white hat technique, it good for your site. Otherwise, black hat technique can ruin your site easily.

It is not so tough or difficult to protect your site from Google penalty. You need to focus on few important things and your website can survive on search engine’s first page for longer.

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