Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting by experts

Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting by experts

Choosing a host for your WordPress website can be a very difficult task, especially if you don’t have much knowledge of it. There are so many companies out there who would ask you to get their hosting and this is what makes the decision making even more tougher. There are a lot of factors which you should consider before getting a host as your requirements might not match with the kind of money you are putting in.

Here’s what you should look beforehand :-

Free Hosting

Free hosting sites are in a large number and it gets difficult to choose from. In this world nothing is free and that is true for this also. Mostly what companies do is that they offer you free hosting but on the basis of showing their ads and other content on your website. Thus, making profits out of your website. It is alright for a new user but it so unreliable that it can stop the hosting service anytime leaving you nowhere.

Shared Hosting

A lot of sites on a large server is what shared hosting is all about. What generally happens is that a lot of websites are hosted to as single computer, which makes your websites one out of the thousands. This is directly linked to the services you expect from them. This is very good if your business is small and you don’t depend on the income from your website. As your website grows, your fee for the same grows !

Managed hosting

Managed hosting has its meaning in the name itself. Everything is managed by the host of your website. Security, performance and a lot of useful inputs are given by them and you can relax for these issues. The biggest disadvantage is that it hosts only word press websites. Generally the cost is higher for beginners and is apt for those who make money online and can adjust accordingly.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS hosting refers to a server breaking into minor servers wherein you get the control and options just as in dedicated server. You can do what you want to as per your needs and also have the option to add popular software packages easily. It has a disadvantage also as you don’t get any support from the host and you have to do everything on your own, installing web and database server software, configuring the applications etc to name a few.

Dedicated host

This is a physical server which you can get where you have full control over it including the hardware. This type of server is generally for the sites which have a lot of traffic to them and also comes at a heavy price. If your hardware fails, it can cause a lot of problems for you and your website. You don’t need it if you are a beginner and should consider the above four.

Monitoring the Website

Monitoring a WordPress website is a one hand job. While it might be a tough row to hoe when it comes to the monitoring of websites that use CMS tools other than WordPress, however, in case of ecommerce websites built using WordPress the task is extremely simplified. One can do that by just visiting site statistics. This way you can also track the origin of your visitors and the keywords that they used to eventually benefit SEO plans.

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