Top Mobile App Analytics Tools & Their Features

Top Mobile App Analytics Tools & Their Features

Choosing the right analytics tool or tools for your mobile app is not an easy task. You have designed a mobile app to take your business to the next level. Still, it is incomplete if you don’t have the right mobile app analytics tool. How do you know that your mobile app is successful or it is paying value to your cost? No one can give you guarantee that your app is delivering right revenue until you have all the data. This is why, mobile app analysis is must to determine whether your app is getting success or you need to improve it.

How Mobile Analytics Tools Work?

After launching a mobile app, the people become curious to know how their mobile apps are performing. This is where mobile app analytics tools come. These tools help you to understand how your app performs and what you further need to do to attract more new users. Mobile app analytics report includes the measurements as given below:

  • Acquisition:This measurement consists of all paid and unpaid channels from where your users are coming. It has the information on operating systems, current locations, networks and languages of your users.
  • Activation: The data includes the measurement of how your users are happy using your app. It also lets you know whether your users activate their accounts after getting installation or they refuse it.
  • Retention: This enables you to detect the active users and make sure they will return. Using this measurement, you can identify what you need to keep your users active and satisfy.
  • Referral: The measurement helps you to find the rate of your app being shared in social media networks which is another good way to see a number of your users posting and sharing with others.
  • Revenue: Do you know, how many users go for in-app purchase and how many of them prefer app free? This measurement shows all the data of cost spent by your users for your app.

After getting a full report, you will be ready to set your goals and make a strategy to achieve them. But, setting goals is not as simple as it seems. First of all, you should decide to which mobile app analytical tool is better to provide you with the data mentioned above.

Hence, here is a list of the latest mobile app analytics tools along with their features to help you decide which one is useful to you.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a free and primarily tool that covers in-app analytics. It is available in Android, iOS and many other platforms. It includes the measurement of user acquisition, activation, and revenue.

  • Apple Analytics

    Also known as iOS App analytic, it supports the iOS, tvOS apps, macOS Mojave, iOS 12 tvOS 12, Watch iOS and other app platforms. With the data provided by this tool, you can make the required adjustments in your mobile app to grab more users along with active users.

  • AppsFlyer

    This tool is paid but after a 30-day free trial plan. AppFlyer works in iOS, Windows, Android, TvOS, Web, and Amazon. AppFlyer is a solution for mobile attribution, deep linking, marketing analytics, powerful integrations, etc. ensuring to provide full tracking and customized fraud protection.

  • App Annie

    App Annie offers a free and premium plan. It refers to itself as a solution for almost every large or small business. It provides a solution for product management, marketing, ad platform, growth, retail, strategy, and partnership. The good thing is, it is simple and easy to use which make it a great tool to analyze your app performance.

  • Localytics

    This tool price is tailor-made to the customer, so you have to contact them. Localytics works in iOS, Windows phone, Android, HTML5 and BlackBerry. Localytics describes itself to know all about your customers in keeping your users active in your app. It helps you to know the personalized in-app messaging, recommendations, customized notifications, etc.

  • Appsee

    Appsee offers a free plan with limited features for small teams while you can get a paid premium with 14 days trial for startup and growing companies. It generally works in iOS and Android and covers the user attribution and performance. The critical feature of this tool is, it provides the video recordings of your app active users with an SDK integrated into your application. Thus, you can watch your user’s behavior when they use your app.

  • GameAnalytics

    GameAnalytics is a free tool that integrates with Android, iOS, Javascript, Unity, iOS, Unreal and many others. As its name show, it helps you to grow your game and attract more players. It especially helps to improve KPIs for the entire portfolio and claims itself a globally trusted analytical tool.

Remember, all these tools are different but work for one goal to provide unique web and mobile app experience. So, choose your app analytical tool and be ready to analysis your mobile application performance. If you need any help or want to know more, feel free to contact PathInteractive. Our team of professional mobile app developers in Barrie helps to create a successful app for your business growth.