Why WooCommerce is Perfect for Your Online Retail Store?

Why WooCommerce is Perfect for Your Online Retail Store?

If you own a WordPress based online store then a WooCommerce plugin will surely enhance the look and feel of your site. WooCommerce is the most preferred and lightweight plugin which allows you to customize your estore as per your needs. With over 10 million downloads, it is indeed the best plugin for online retail shops.

Here are a few reasons why WooCommerce is worth considering:

Wide range of extensions

There are unlimited extensions of WooCommerce that can help you deliver excellent user experience to your clients. Moreover, they can be added or removed at any point of time.

Easy to learn and gain expertise

Every online shop owner wants a site that is easy to handle and maintain. With WooCommerce, you not only develop an amazing online store, but also get freedom to sell your products or services without any hassle. You are allowed to track your inventory, orders, payments, sale statistics and much more. All the elements of this plugin are easy to understand, giving you complete control of your online store.

Availability of readymade designs

There’s a plugin in WooCommerce which provides users with a wide range of pre-built templates. Each year, developers add new themes. Thus, it is advisable to choose a template that is built under the WooCommerce plugin. Make sure you get the plugin from a trustworthy vendor.

How to install WooCommerce on your WordPress Site?

Before you install the plugin, there are a few things that should be taken care of . Although, the plugin is easy to install, but you need to have a look at the plugins available in the WooCommerce directory. When you find a ready-made setup wizard, just install it and wait till it gets over. The one complex step is to create default pages with the name “My Account” and “Check Out”

You can view all the webpages on your dashboard. Now, you need to confirm the location of the pages created and measure the credit of the products. Then, connect the WooCommerce pages with PayPal account. After all this, you will be able to create a WooCommerce page for your online shop.

WooCommerce is the best plugin to create amazing online stores. If you want to know more about how it works, feel free to contact our professional WordPress web designers at Path Interactive.